Cat Toys

Cat Toys

ZippyClaws® Cat Toys, By ZippyPaws

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ZippyClaws Burrow
Mice 'n Cheese
ZippyClaws Burrow
Birds in Nest


ZippyClaws® Burrows for Cats

ZippyClaws® Burrow® toys promote mental stimulation and encourage interactive play for curious cats. Simply stuff the little critters into the burrow and let your cat work to paw, claw, bite, and tug them out. Once they have them out, you can put them back in again for another round of fun. Each ZippyClaws® Burrow® is lined with crinkle paper and includes two Miniz filled with catnip. This interactive toy comes with 1 burrow and 2 small catnip Miniz critters. Miniz also have bells inside for added entertainment.

Approx Size: 13 x 13 10cm

ZippyClaws Kickerz
ZippyClaws Kickerz


ZippyClaws® Kickerz

Can they kick it? Yes, they can. And you know they will. Toss your playful kitty a ZippyClaws® Kickerz toy and sit back and watch as they unleash a barrage of bunny kicks and other signature moves on their adorable opponent. Each plush filled Kickerz contains catnip to help lure your cat in and stimulate playtime.

ZippyClaws® Kickerz are designed to satisfy your cat’s instinctual hunting behaviours by providing them an outlet for play fighting activities like wrestling, batting, and bunny kicking. Their larger size and plushness make them the perfect snuggle buddies for cat naps too.

Approx. Size: 23 x 5 x 5cm



ZippyClaws® ZippyStick

Tease your cat into exciting play with the ZippyClaws® ZippyStick! Highly interactive, the ZippyStick is a great toy for bonding with your cat while providing them with an outlet for their instinctual hunting behaviours. Each ZippyClaws® ZippyStick is made of sturdy eco-friendly bamboo and features enticing pompons, tassels, and a detachable Miniz toy that can be switched out with a ZippyClaws® NomNomz®.

The ZippyClaws® ZippyStick is an interactive wand toy that allows you to directly engage your cat in bonding play while giving them the mental and physical exercise they need. Simply wave, jerk, flutter, circle, and drag the wand around randomly to entice your cat to stalk, chase, and pounce after its charms.

Stick length: 36cm


ZippyClaws® Multipacks


Donutz 2-Pack

Inspired by our iconic ZippyPaws® Donutz dog toys, the ZippyClaws® Donutz toys really are the cat’s meow! Each Donutz cat toy features a classic Donutz “flavour” topping with embroidered sprinkles, stitched detailing on the sides, and comes filled entirely with potent catnip. Once your cat sinks their teeth and claws into these sweet treats, they’ll keep coming back for more!

Toy size (each): 8.5 x 8.5 x 1.5cm

Pizza and Cola

Feed your kitty's inner foodie with the all-new NomNomz® catnip scented cat toys from ZippyClaws®. They’re just like the ZippyPaws® NomNomz® dog toys, but fun-sized and packed with catnip for our feline friends. Each adorable little plush NomNomz® toy also features an attached loop so they can be used with the ZippyStick.

Toy size (each): 7.5 x 5 x 4cm

Ladybug and Bee

The ZippyClaws® Ladybug and Bee toys are designed to pique your cat’s interest and stimulate their senses. Mimicking the high-pitched chatter produced by critters in the wild, the crinkly sound made by these toys is likely to trigger instinctive behaviours like chasing, stalking, pouncing, and biting.

Toy size (each): 10 x 8 x 3.5cm

zc mp butterfly dragonfly

Butterfly and Dragonfly

Satisfy your frisky feline’s instinct to hunt with this pair of adorable, winged insect toys from ZippyClaws®. Each cute little plush toy in this set features irresistible string antennae, catnip, and sparkly crinkle wings that will tap into your cat’s prey drive and keep them engaged in active play for hours.

Toy size (each): 12.5 x 11.5 x 2.5cm



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