I think it is fair to speculate that every cat owner thinks their feline is the fairest in all the world! Many people probably wished it was easier for them to enter their majestic moggies in cat shows around the country to kick some purebred tail…

Well, the Public’s Fave Online cat show has made it as easy as “pose, capture, send” to enter your precious pampered puss in a country wide online cat show! All the prestige without the hassle of the preparation, frustration, and stress of a live event…

The KZN Cat Club has launched this exciting initiative which is open to all felines, big or small, well-bred and non-pedigreed from all backgrounds and households – literally anyone with a cat can enter, and at no cost!

Images and videos of domestic cats make up some of the most viewed (and important!) content on the web. So – if you own a cat or have a neighbourhood stray wondering through your garden every now and again – now is the time to add to this important genre of content on the web and perhaps even discover the next Internet Cat Sensation!

The aim of the online competition is to raise funds for the amazing Feeding the Furballs animal charity, support the KZN Cat Club and create awareness of the various breeds as well as encourage the public to visit cat show events around the country to meet responsible breeders.

If you have not yet entered your fluffy lap-monster, lean, mean hunter, sleek panther, lazy lion, or chubby cheetah don’t despair – all you need to do is email your photos to marketing@kzncatclub.com. Entries close 30 September 2017 and there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs from Cosmic Pets.

Visit the Public’s Fave Online cat show at www.kzncatclub.com/publics-fave and share, vote and get involved – it is for a good cause, you get to look at cats. Come on what are you waiting for?


  1. SMS the cat’s number as many times as you like to 36438 – SMSes cost R5 each.
  2. Share your cat’s photo from our Facebook Album on Facebook, Instagram and via Email and ask your friends and followers to vote!
  3. Keep up the shares and help us to hit our target of 15 000 votes to secure a grand prize of R10 000. The more votes we get, the higher the prize pool.

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