There are many benefits when you choose to use soft folding dog crates instead of the typical hard-sided or wired ones.

Soft sided crates are usually collapsible which makes them much easier to transport or store when they are not in use. The unit is made from a strong steel frame and covered with a flexible fabric such as nylon or canvas, making them lightweight, portable and easy to carry from home to the car or dog show collapsible dog crates are suitable for any occasion!

Soft crates are also popular with pet owners that find metal crates unattractive when they are used as indoor kennels.

Soft, collapsible dog crates have several mesh panels on various sides which ensures that plenty of fresh air is available for your dog, while also allowing for increased visibility which can be more reassuring when your pup is in the crate.

A woolen fleece base is also included which makes the crate more comfortable. With nine different sizes (XS to 5XL) to choose from and a selection of colors there is bound to be a soft dog crate to suit all the requirements of the family!

Is a Soft Crate Right for Your Dog?

Soft dog crates are not appropriate for all K9s – if your pup is a chewer or tends to be aggressive when confined, there is a likelihood that your dog might be able to claw or chew through the mesh windows to escape. In some cases, dogs may also be able to open the zipper entrances. We recommend using a paperclip through the zippers to secure these in place.

If you decide that the soft sided crate is the best option for your pet, it is important that you get the correct size for your dog, particularly if you are planning to use it as a pet carrier or for crate training.

Selecting the Correct Size Dog Crate

Make sure you get one that is not too big or too small for the dog and that your pooch will be able to move around inside comfortably. Measure the distance from the top of the nose to the root of the tail and from the ground to the highest point of the dog. The dog crate should be big enough for your pet to stand comfortably and turn around.

When selecting a crate for your new pup, you would need to consider one that will be big enough for when the puppy is full grown. The size of the crate can be reduced by placing a barrier or divider inside the crate and adjusting the interior size as your puppy grows.

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