The hot summer weather brings problems for pet owners – ticks and fleas! Little creatures that can make your pet’s life (and yours) miserable.

From powders and sprays to dips and pills, the array of products available to combat these insects can be a difficult to navigate, even for the most dedicated pet owner. Choosing the wrong product or accidental misapplication can also be dangerous. To make matters worse fleas are very good at mutating to resist new pesticides!

Dogs and cats have different needs, especially when it comes to tick and flea control. Applying the wrong product can be harmful to a pet. Some people not read the labels or simply get products confused, particularly if the household has more than one dog or cat.

Now there is an alternative, in the form of a small harmless ultra-sonic treatment device against fleas and ticks.

Protect your pet against ticks and fleas with an Ultrasonic Repellent that is environmentally friendly, chemical- and toxin free!

These devices are about the size of a thimble, and emit ultra-sonic frequencies which are inaudible to humans, cats and dogs… but intolerable for fleas and ticks! Wherever the device is placed, tests have proven that fleas and ticks do not settle within several meters of that area.

The Skudo Flea and Tick Repellent was developed and tested by Dr Genchi at the University of Milan, Italy, Faculty of Parasitology. The product was created through a process of research and development, with the collaboration of experts, in the fields of veterinary medicine, entomology and electrical safety. Supported by clinical tests and trials, the device is safe for humans and pets, and emits a harmless ultrasonic pulses, which are intolerable to fleas and ticks.

The Tick and Flea Repellent attaches conveniently to the pets collar and is safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant, lactating or older pets. It is chemical and toxin free, therefore ideal for pets prone to allergies and sensitive skin.

The battery in the devices lasts for up to 12 months – based upon the purchase price of the device, it is more cost effective than expensive treatment that has to be continually applied!

More benefits include:
• Completely harmless to pets and people
• Safe to use for pets of all ages and sizes, including puppies and kittens
• Environmentally friendly
• No chemicals
• Odourless

The SKUDO Pet covers a range of 2m² and is a great for continuous treatment and prevention programme to avoid re-infestations. Available at leading retailers nationwide, alternatively contact for assistance to locate stores near you!