Thank you Elizabeth Theron from Passion Equestrian for this step by step guide on how to use the The RelaxoPet PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer for horses.

Unboxing The RelaxoPet PRO for Horses


Importance of Acclimatization session

Acclimatization session

Results from using the RelaxoPet PRO Animal Relaxation TrainerRelaxoPet Horse

Azara – 11 year old, MARE

Azara is an extremely sensitive mare and can get anxious very quickly. The last dentist visit she was so petrified she needed to get sedated. She kept wanting to rear up and wouldn’t let the dentist near her. We had to sedate her for her safety, for the dentist to do the work and so that no one would get hurt. I was dreading the next annual dentist visit. After 4 acclimatization sessions with the RelaxoPet Pro Horse, I put the device on 15 minutes before the dentist arrived. She was a lot more relaxed and allowed the dentist to work on her WITHOUT SEDATION. I was over the moon!!!



Oobla D – 5 year old, GELDING

RelaxoPet Horse

Oobla D is a youngster and who I have been slowly training at home. I took him to his first training competition recently and used the RelaxoPet Pro Horse. I did 4

acclimatization sessions before the outing. The RelaxoPet PRO was switched on 15 minutes before we needed to leave, attached the RelaxoPet PRO inside the horse box and was playing throughout the duration of the travel. He was super relaxed in the horse box, no sweating, no screaming for the other horses. When we arrived at the show he was very alert, looking at the new horses and taking in all the new smells from a different environment. I left the RelaxoPet switched on in the horse box and while we were waiting between classes and course walks kept him near the box to eat his grass and soak in the new environment while being re-assured by the sound from the RelaxoPet. Overall I was super impressed, we completed a good round, and when it was time to go home he went in the box very easily very calm. No issues with the travel back home. For a young horse it was very impressive. The RelaxoPet Pro will always go in the horsebox from now on!Relaxopet Horse Carry Case

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