We just love receiving feedback from our customers. The right pet carrier can make all the difference when traveling with your small dog and will reduce stress for you and your pet!

Thank you Auriel Bow form Aurogustinia Shih Tzu’s (KUSA registered Breeder) for the valuable feedback. We wish you many happy trips with your precious pups!

“I received my crates yesterday and it worked like an absolute dream. That is why I now want an extra one or two or three of four!!







Oh wow I am going to promote the use of these crates – they are the best we have ever used. Normally we take our Shih Tzu dogs in the horrible plastic crates but they almost die of the heat. Today was very hot and I had to go to the doctor direct after the vet and we knew that the mother and babies were safe in the crate. No stressing about the heat as per usual.






aspect of these crates is the TOP ENTRANCE. It is so easy to put a dog into it from the top that has just had an C-section operation, or take them out. You can ask any person how difficult it is to get a dog out of a crate when it does not want to.” – Auriel Bow, KUSA registered Shih Tzu Breeder

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