If you’re planning to take a trip with pets in tow, the right carrier can make all the difference! To reduce stress – for you and your pet, here are 5 things that you should consider when getting your pet a carrier.


Look for a carrier that offers multiple doors – the Cosmic Pets’ range of carriers have access doors on top, front and side to make loading & unloading your pet three times as easy!




Ensure good ventilation, mesh panels will let in plenty of air so your pet doesn’t get overheated.





Keep treats and water handy – storage pockets should be conveniently located.





Limited space available? Choose a collapsible carrier that folds flat to 7cm for compact storage.






Buy from a reputable company that includes a product warranty, in the event that something goes wrong.



Cosmic Pets provides unique and easy to use products that improve the quality of life of pets, and the humans that love them.

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