Wildlife rehabilitation provides professional care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals in order to be returned to their natural habitat – often wildlife rehabilitation is an elaborate and time-consuming process.

Wildlife rehabilitation is not an attempt to turn wild animals into domestic pets. In most cases patients have limited interactions with their care-givers, but are held in captivity only until they are able to live independently in the wild. Fear of humans is a necessary survival trait for wild animals and every effort is made to minimize human contact and prevent the taming of rehabilitation wildlife.

Wildlife rehabilitators work with specialised veterinarians to assess injuries and diagnose a variety of illnesses. Due to the important differences between wild animals and domestic animals, rehabilitators need extensive knowledge about the species in care, including natural history, nutritional requirements, behavioural issues, caging, confinement and transport considerations. Rehabilitators must also be able to administer basic first aid and physical therapy, and understand any dangers the animals may present to rehabilitators.

Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital and SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary extensively make use of the Cosmic Pets collapsible crates and pet pens for their conservation efforts and we salute these professionals for the great work that they are doing! Follow them on Facebook for more stories:

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