The best dog crate for training, shows or containment

The range of collapsible dog crates and indoor kennels are lightweight, stylish, and easy to assemble.

Made with a sturdy steel frame, surrounded by canvas and mesh fabric panels to ensure that you dog receives plenty of light and airflow throughout the crate. With access doors on the top, front and side, loading or attending to your pet has just become 3 times as easy!

The access panels / or doors can also be rolled up and secured for pets to easily move in or out freely – the crate can then be used as an indoor kennel.

Cosmic Pets dog crates and kennels provide a safe and comfortable environment that your dog will settle into at home or when traveling. Crate trained dogs often find comfort in the crate, especially during thunderstorms.

If your dog isn’t a chewer, this collapsible canvas crate a great alternative to a metal crate, as it still provides a safe enclosure without too much metal that can be unattractive

Pet Crate, Dog Bed, Indoor Kennel

Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer and several professional dog trainers have commented on the benefits of crate training.

Dogs are den animals by nature, and they value their own special place, which a dog crate can provide.

The Cosmic Pets crates offer dogs a private spot and are multi-purpose for use as an indoor enclosed kennel or dog bed.

A dedicated, safe and comfortable space for your pup will also give your pet a sense of privacy and security as well as help keeping them off the furniture, lessen the build-up of dirt, hair, and dander in a house. The indoor kennel should be placed where your pup can still observe and be part of the family.

To ensure that your dog feels part of things, place the crate in a busy area of the home where they can see and hear what’s happening. A corner of the family room, or in the kitchen are ideal places.

The dog crate is easy to move and assemble, allowing pet owners to leave large, clunky crates behind!

The best folding or collapsible pet crates or carriers

The Cosmic Pets range of collapsible crates are some of the best crates currently on the market.

It is stylish, strong, durable, well-ventilated and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is extremely lightweight so that it can be taken wherever you go and it folds flat to 7cm for easy storage. To assemble or fold flat only takes a few seconds without the need of any tools or specialized equipment.

The rounded corner design will not only protect the crate itself but also your home and car interior. The crate is trendy, professional and long lasting with pets and owners across Johannesburg, and the rest of South Africa, loving them for years!

With top, side and front doors, loading your pet becomes 3 times as easy. When the doors are open and secured the crate transforms into an indoor kennel. The steel frame and fabric are extra-durable and the mesh panels makes in well-ventilated for the benefit of your  pet.

The range is available in sizes ranging from X-small to 5XL offering you a canvas fold-able crate for all your pets from small rodents to Great Danes.

Crates will make traveling or attending dog shows a breeze

Flexible and space-saving, soft crates are the perfect solution for show pet owners and breeders.

Cosmic Pets offers a range that is lightweight, durable and can be set up and folded down in seconds, requiring no tools. Best of all, when not in use it folds down to 7cm for compact storage.

Our range is well represented at pet shows and a favourite with the show dog breeder community – offering a pet house that is comfortable and mobile but also solid and spacious.

During dog shows your pet is required to spend extended periods of time confined in their show crate. The mesh panels ensure that plenty of air is circulated and prevents your pet from overheating.

The top zippered mesh opening also makes accessing your pet during shows so much more convenient when you need to give a treat or a little cuddle without the risk of them dashing out the carrier and into the crowd.

Available in a range of sizes and colours, to meet your taste and pet requirements.

Where to buy a dog crate

Cosmic Pets is a wholesale distribution pet accessories company and exclusively supply pet shops, vet clinics and pet care professionals such as groomers, pet sitters, boarding kennels and breeders in Johannesburg.

Our range of dog crates are available through our extensive national partner network across South Africa, ensuring that you get the best service and advice on selecting the proper size collapsible crate for your pet.

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