We are totally in love with the new range of turquoise cat trees currently available.

Turquoise has long been a symbol of wealth and opulence in ancient cultures, but it also represents life-giving water and the green tones of the earth. This in-between colour is associated with meanings of creativity, good luck, friendship, love, joy, tranquillity and patience. It is an open and friendly colour that offers balance and stability.

When looking for cat furniture, how it will fit in with your current décor is always a concern. When evaluating the different styles of cat scratching posts available, although it is important to find something that is  pleasing to the eye and will fit in with your style the main consideration should be that it is safe and comfortable for your feline companion.

Always check that the product is sturdy and have a solid base to avoid problems with the cat post tipping over. Positioning the cat tree against a wall or in a corner will also offer additional stability when cats get frisky while playing. Cat furniture should offer various forms of enjoyment for your cat through climbing, scratching, and sleeping surfaces while hanging toys or pom-poms add variety.

Insist on cat furniture made from the best material including reinforced components and sisal rope, and avoid products fashioned from carpet and upholstery material which unintentionally promote undesirable
feline behavior – where cats can not differentiate why scratching might be allowed on the carpet- covered cat tree but on on your Turkish rug…

Look for products backed by a warranty – this will give you some peace of mind should there be a problem after your purchase.

Our turquoise range is available through leading pet retailers nationwide, or contact us via email for you nearest stockist.

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