dog toys, dog games, tug of warMost dogs enjoy playing tug of war! Tugging is a dog game where multiple dogs or dog and owner each pull energetically at the end of an object or toy to win. This game is easy to teach as it uses the natural prey drive dogs that most dogs have. It is a great way to exercise your dog without needing much space and a lot of fun. Like many dog games it has the likelihood to strengthen your bond with your dog.

There are many different dog toys on the market for tugging – make sure you get the best one! Here are some guidelines when selecting a great tug of war toy:

  • The tug toys should be long enough to safely play and ensure that doggy teeth do not connect to your hand or fingers.
  • Toys should be made from durable material that does not harm your dog’s teeth and gums. Do not use toys that contain wood, metal or hard plastic.
  • A comfortable handle will make the game more enjoyable for the owner.

The Monkey RopeTugz dog toy from ZippyPaws is made from climbing rope so that it is comfortable to hold and soft on your hands while gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. It is durable, flexible and specifically designed for tugging.

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Benefits of playing tug of war with your dog

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