PULLER is the dog fitness tool which provide a full physical and emotional workout for your dogs.

PULLER is an innovative dog fitness tool, designed by professional dog experts – each pack consists of 2 rings (except for MAXI which is one ring only). Exercises with PULLER (Running, Jumping, Pulling) provide a daily fitness workout and guarantee a special experience for dog and owners, while building a strong emotional bond with your pets.

20 minute training with PULLER = 5 km running.

PULLER is represented by five different sizes. Therefore, each owner can choose the most suitable PULLER size for any dog type. PULLER is recommended for training with dogs of any breed, as well as with puppies over 3 months old. Jumping exercises are only  recommended for dogs over 1-years-old.

NOTE: PULLER is not a chew toy and should be picked up and packed away when not being used.

Puller Two Ring Concept

PULLER is used as a set of two rings. The second ring is not a spare. Training or playing with the set of two rings, ensures maximum results.

  • Only with TWO rings is it possible for you to provide a complete workout while playing or training with your dog
  • Through the mutual training and exchange of the rings between owner and dog, a strong emotional bond is fostered
  • With two rings you are able to train your dog impulse control as well as how to fetch and retrieve


  • Lightweight: Even small dogs and puppies can easily carry the PULLER in their mouths. The material is also soft and durable.

  • Harmless: Non-toxic and absolutely safe for dog’s jaw and teeth.

  • Floats: Perfect for use in or around water
  • Odorless: PULLER is made of non-toxic and odourless material. Keep your dog focused on the training, and not distracted by any smell.

PULLER – Range

PULLER – Why 2 Rings?

PULLER is recommended for use as a set of two rings. The second ring is not a spare! Working with two rings, the dog and owner maintain interactive and in constant contact during all training sessions.

1. Only by using 2 rings can you can provide the a high impact workout for your dog, in a short period of time. Training or playing with two rings increases the interactivity of the session, and teaches your dog to fetch and drop the first ring in exchange for the second ring.

2. With 2 rings PULLER, it is easy to teach a dog not only to fetch and return the an object, but also to release an object (which can  difficult to train using other methods).

3. You can teach your dog to switch from one ring to another, and to improve impulse control.

PULLER – Fitness & Fun Combined

Dog Puller is a new dog sport based on exercises with PULLER that incorporate both running and jumping.

Running: a dog has to catch the moving PULLER ring a maximum number of times in 90 secs and return it to the owner.

Jumping: a dog has to jump and grab the PULLER ring a maximum number of times in 90 secs.

The advantage of Dog Puller over other sports is that any dog can succeed in it, from the smallest to the giants of the canine world. It does not require additional equipment and special training. All you need for a good start is a dog, two PULLER rings and a great mood.

Dog Puller championships are held in different countries all over the world including Canada, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic and more.

For Dog Puller championships arrangement and participation please contact: dogpuller@collar.ua
dogpuller.com or facebook.com/groups/dogpuller

PULLER – Daily Fitness Workouts

  • Running

Dog runs and catches the PULLER ring and brings it back in exchange for the second ring.

Throw PULLER rings one by one. When your dog brings the first ring back, show him the second ring and throw it (preferable into the opposite direction). If the dog does not want to give the ring back, show him the second one and invite the dog to come to you.

  • Pulling

Dog pulls PULLER ring that you hold in your hand.

Dog pulls PULLER rings that you hold in your hands. To maintain a dog motivation, you can periodically give him a ring. The exercise improves dog’s strength and stamina. Usage of two rings when playing trains your dog to release the first ring in exchange for the second ring.

  • Jumping

Dog jumps and catches a PULLER ring. Once a dog grabs the ring, offer the second ring.

Dog jumps at an angle of 45° and catches a PULLER ring. Once a dog grabs the ring, give another one instead. The dog should release the first ring and jump after the second. And so on. The exercise trains a dog to switch between items.

NOTE: Only recommended for dogs over 1-years-old.