The PULLER dog fitness tool is so much more than a toy – it is a device that will change the way you and your dog experience training and play, forever!

Each set (Micro, Mini, Midi, Standard) consists of two purple rings, and no, one is not a spare!

Both rings should be used during interactive sessions with your dog. Made from durable soft non-toxic and odourless material the PULLER toys are gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. The range is available in 5 sizes making it easy to find the correct fit, based on the size of your dog, PULLER is also suitable for puppies from as young as 3 months old.

Incorporating PULLER in your Training and Play

The Puller dog toy is an extremely versatile and can be easily introduced as a training tool, or as a fun way to exercise. The Puller is lightweight and even small dogs can carry them in the mouths. The rings are easy for big or small hands to hold, making games of tug and fetch so much fun, for the whole family.

How to use the PULLER fitness tool:

For Tug
Most dogs like the material that the PULLER is made from and will mouth or pick up the toy without much motivation. When tugging, you are also able to practice your dog’s obedience and impulse control.
You want your dog to have some impulse control and not grab the toys without a clear instruction from you. For instance – should you be playing a game of tug, ask your dog to release the first ring (use a “give / out / or break” command) and reward by offering the second ring (“take it / or OK” command).


For fetch
Throw one of the PULLER rings and wait for your dog to fetch and return the ring. When a dog brings the ring, show him another ring and ask your dog to release the first ring (use a “give / out / or break” command). Once the first ring is dropped throw the second ring in the opposite direction. And so on. If the dog does not want to give the ring back, call enthusiastically and show him the second one. Your dog should quickly realise that the only way to continue the game is to return the first ring so that the second ring can be thrown.The PULLER rings glide well and can be used similar to a standard frisbee, it also floats so playing in or near water will add to the fun!


Swapping between the two Pullers
The PULLER toys come in a two pack (except for the MAXI) – so you keep your dog moving by throwing one, wait for your dog to return it and then quickly throw the second ring. This is a fantastic workout, and keeps your dog interested and excited to participate. You can do the same while tugging – ask for a release of the one toy, while offering the second ring.



The Puller toy comes in five different sizes:

  • PULLER MICRO: A set of two miniature rings for the smallest breeds and puppies that weigh up to 5kg
    Suitable for:
    Toy terrier
  • PULLER MINI: A set of two rings for miniature and small-sized medium dog breeds from 5 to 15 kg/, and for 3-month-old puppies weighing more than 5 kg.
    Suitable for:
    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
    French Bulldog
    Poodle miniature
    Yorkshire terrier
  • PULLER MIDI: A set of two rings for medium and large dog breeds from 10 to 30 kg, and as an intermediate size for training the large-breed puppies.
    Suitable for:
    Australian Shepherd
    Border Collie
    Cocker Spaniel
    Fox terrier
    Jack Russell Terrier
    Scottish terrier
  • PULLER STANDARD: A set of two rings for large dog breeds from 25 to 50 kg
    Suitable for:
    Cane Corso
    Giant Schnauzer
    Labrador retriever
    German shepherd
    Pit bull
  • PULLER MAXI: The largest size PULLER and is supplied as one ring only.
    The ring has a groove which makes it easy to grip. Recommended for large and giant breeds that weigh more than 45 kg. Recommended for the training of the correct dog grip.
    Suitable for:
    German shepherd
    Great Dane
    Pit bull

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