Pet Playpen, bat rehabilitation Bats play a crucial role in several environments around the world. Certain plants depend partly or completely on bats to pollinate flowers or spread seeds, while other species of bats help with controlling pests by eating insects. Bats form an important part of our ecosystem and should be protected.

ReWild NPC is one of the few Wildlife rehabilitation centers in South Africa that specialize in bat rehabilitation and offer bats found grounded or exposed with the help they need for survival. Although they assist all wildlife species in need, they offer specialist facilities that cater for the unique requirements of bat rehabilitation.

Cosmic Pets is proud to be associated with Bat World ReWild and thrilled that our pet playpens make for the perfect enclosure to house sick, injured or orphaned bats during rehabilitation before releasing them back into the wild.  Cosmic Pets, Pet playpen, Bat Rehabilitation, Pet Playpens, bat rehabilitation

Should you be interested in bat care, a Bat Rehabilitation Course will be hosted by Friends of Free Wildlife on the 15 & 16 September 2018 at Inanda Country Base, Rose Road, Kyalami.

This in-depth two-day course will cover basic as well as the more advanced skills required in the rehabilitation of bats for wildlife care professionals and rehabilitators. As well as the essential skills necessary, for the rehabilitation of orphaned and injured bats. As the only flying mammals there are some unique aspects to the treatment and rehabilitation of bats. The course focuses on South African insectivorous bats but will also offer basic information regarding fruit bats.

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