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Unboxing the RelaxoPet PRO for Horses

Unboxing the RelaxoPet PRO for Horses

Thank you Elizabeth Theron from Passion Equestrian for this step by step guide on how to use the The RelaxoPet PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer for horses. Unboxing The RelaxoPet PRO for Horses   Importance of Acclimatization session Acclimatization session Results...

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Cosmic Pets is a leading supplier of wholesale pet products and accessories to veterinary clinics, pet shops, boarding facilities, groomers, pet care professionals, and retailers in the pet supply industry located in Pretoria.

We offer dog, cat and other pet accessory supplies to our professional partner network located in Pretoria, since 2006.

We ship pet products and accessories directly to your store, no matter how small or how large your dog supply, cat supply or pet supply needs are.

Cosmic Pets is also able to offer drop ship services to the pet industry to ensure that your customer receives their product directly to their home or office.

We help our customers build their businesses by offering innovative, top-quality products while offering the best customer service in the business as well as fast, on-time delivery.

Pet Shops, dog groomers, breeders & veterinarians in Pretoria have unique retail and consumable supply needs that can only be met by collaborating with an expert in the pet retail industry. Cosmic Pets brings you leading industry knowledge, lightning-fast fulfillment, great drop-ship options, and easy reordering.

Groomers, kennels, veterinarians & breeders

Groomers, kennels, veterinarians, breeders, and active pet enthusiasts in Pretoria have access to our national-brand and exclusive products and our mission is to continue to find better ways to serve our customers, and more innovative ways to foster creativity in the industry.

Cosmic Pets is dedicated to support pet care professionals in Pretoria to better serve their customers with the best quality pet carriers, dog travel crates, indoor kennels, folding collapsible carriers, show crates, dog beds, cat toys and odour neutralizing hygiene products.

You’ll find everything you need for your successful pet based business in Pretoria right here.

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The Importance of Finding the Right Pet Store

Anyone who has a pet needs to have a pet store that they like to shop at. You need to be comfortable when you are selecting items for your pet, and you should trust the knowledge of the pet store you have chosen. If you aren’t sure where to shop for your pet or what to look for, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Selection of Products

Probably the most important aspect of a store is their selection of items. Obviously, a good pet store is going to have a lot of different pet supplies that you can choose from. You should pay extra close attention to the amount of products they have for your type of pet.

Quality of Products

Make sure that the animal supplies that any store carries are of a good quality. Even if they have a whole lot of products, it doesn’t mean anything if those products aren’t any good. Take a look at the brands that fill their shelves and see if you can see signs of quality. As long as everything looks sturdy and well made, then you will most likely be pleased with the items.

Store Setup

Whether you are shopping at a pet store in person or online, make sure that you can easily find what you are looking for. All the categories for different pets and supplies should be clearly labeled. You should also be able to easily find subcategories in the larger areas.

If you are shopping online for pet supplies, you shouldn’t be led in circles looking for certain products or information. A couple clicks should get you right where you need to be. The same goes for easily locating items in regular stores.

Knowledge Available

In regular stores, if you have a question you should be able to quickly find an associate to assist you. Associates should be happy to help, and if they don’t know the answer to your question they should be able to find someone who is.

If you are shopping for animal supplies at an online pet store, there should be a selection of articles available to give you some pointers on purchasing what you need. Some sites also provide a chat option or a system that allows you to submit questions in an email.

No matter how a store helps you, just make sure that you have access to information when you need it. By keeping an eye out for these few things you should have an easier time finding just the pet store you need. Once you find a store you are comfortable with you will probably be happy shopping there for a very long time.

Gerrard Floyd is a pet expert who has been writing on the benefits, challenges, and methodology of pet ownership for over five years. His areas of expertise include canine, feline, and reptile care as well as animal psychology. If you are interested in more information on finding the right pet store please visit, a supplier of high quality pet food, grooming supplies, and toys.

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