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Unboxing the RelaxoPet PRO for Horses

Unboxing the RelaxoPet PRO for Horses

Thank you Elizabeth Theron from Passion Equestrian for this step by step guide on how to use the The RelaxoPet PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer for horses. Unboxing The RelaxoPet PRO for Horses   Importance of Acclimatization session Acclimatization session Results...

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Cosmic Pets is a leading supplier of wholesale pet products and accessories to veterinary clinics, pet shops, boarding facilities, groomers, pet care professionals, and retailers in the pet-supply industry located in Cape Town.

We offer dog, cat and other pet supplies to our professional partner network located in Cape Town since 2006.

We ship pet products and accessories directly to your store, no matter how small or how large your dog supply, cat supply or pet supply needs are. Cosmic Pets is also able to offer drop ship services to the pet industry to ensure that your customer receives their product directly to their home or office.

We help our customers build their businesses by offering innovative, top-quality products while offering the best customer service in the business as well as fast, on-time delivery.

Pet Shops, dog groomers & veterinarians in Cape Town have unique retail and consumable supply needs that can only be met by collaborating with an expert in the pet retail industry. Cosmic Pets brings you leading industry knowledge, lightning-fast fulfillment, great drop-ship options, and easy reordering.

Groomers, kennels, veterinarians & breeders

Pet Shops, dog groomers, breeders & veterinarians in Cape Town have unique retail and consumable supply needs that can only be met by collaborating with an expert in the pet retail industry. Cosmic Pets brings you leading industry knowledge, lightning-fast fulfilment, great drop-ship options, and easy reordering.

Groomers, kennels, veterinarians, breeders, and active pet enthusiasts in Cape Town have access to our national-brand and exclusive products and our mission is to continue to find better ways to serve our customers, and more innovative ways to foster creativity in the industry.

Cosmic Pets is dedicated to support pet care professionals in Cape Town to better serve their customers with the best quality pet carriers, dog travel crates, indoor kennels, folding collapsible carriers, show crates, dog beds, cat toys and odour neutralizing hygiene products.

You’ll find everything you need for your successful pet based business in Cape Town right here.

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Pet Store – Are You Able To Get Your Beloved Pets Need

What happens when you run out of pet food in the middle of the day? The quickest way is to dash to the nearest pet store and replenish your pet supplies, as most online orders are not delivered immediately.

It requires a lot of energy and time to provide the best pet care to our animals. The pet store is the most convenient place to purchase all the pet supplies for your beloved pets, as they will usually have stocks on the products or services that are in high demand or most commonly bought by customers.

In a large city or big town, there should be dozens of pet stores situated near every residential area. You should look for a store that keeps their goods in a neat and hygienic manner. Perishable products such as food or anything with a shelf date should be sold within the validity date.

In addition, an up-market store should have the latest products that may help pet owners minimize on the amount of time spent on pet care.

Firstly, there is a need to groom your pet under a daily, bi-weekly or weekly schedule, as the activity is necessary to keep the animal’s coat healthy and shiny. Grooming is also essential, as it will also eradicate fleas and other parasites. The pet store should have hygiene and grooming products such as shampoos, skin lotions, bathing foams, deodorizers as well as a good range of grooming tools like nail clippers/files, rakes, combs and brushes. It should also have products on dental care and commonly used medications.

Other useful innovations that can be found in an up-market store are the automatic feeders and watering gadgets. These products give your pets access to food and water whenever there is a need, without the owner’s presence to attend to their meals. In addition to convenience, automated feeders build in the control of releasing food to animals with dietary needs. As animals usually tend to dehydrate more quickly, it is important to have water readily available to them.

There should also be some varieties of traveling aids such as specially designed harness, car seats and soft cages in the pet store. Pet owners can buy these aids when traveling with their pets in cars. If you choose to bring your pet out in a bicycle, there should be a range of baskets with different safety and security features available in the store.

Most of the pet store will usually stock up a variety of leads and collars for dogs or puppies. In addition to holding your pet’s registration tags, collars also give the animal a unique identity whereas the leads can be belt around your waist as you jog or stroll with your pet. You can buy a pocket pouch from the store to carry your pet if is a small animal like the Chihuahua. A muzzle will most likely be necessary if your pet is a large or dangerous dog, especially on occasions when humans need to be kept safe.

You should be able to find a good range of bedding materials in a variety of sizes and styles in the pet store. These will probably include kennels and mats for dogs, basket and cushion products for cats, cages for the birds and rodents as well as aquariums for fishes and tortoises. Rugs and blankets are also needed to keep your pets warm during cold weathers. These accommodations will ensure that your pets are able to rest comfortably.

In addition, you should be able to buy secure enclosures such as safety pet fences or cat fences at the store. These are soft wire mesh enclosures that can be placed in backyards or on balconies. Such blocking enclosures will keep your pet safe and prevent them from wandering off while having a stretch of exercises outdoors.

Finally yet importantly, your pet will enjoy the endless list of toys sold in the pet store. These may include balls, Frisbees and bones for dogs, scratching posts and tunnels for cats, mirrors for birds as well as racing tracks for rodents.

You may even find more pampering products, unusual toys, specialty clothing and other ‘hidden treasures’ when searching through the bigger pet store(s). A trip there will bring you and your pets plenty of joy and fun together.

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