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Unboxing the RelaxoPet PRO for Horses

Unboxing the RelaxoPet PRO for Horses

Thank you Elizabeth Theron from Passion Equestrian for this step by step guide on how to use the The RelaxoPet PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer for horses. Unboxing The RelaxoPet PRO for Horses   Importance of Acclimatization session Acclimatization session Results...

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Cosmic Pets is a leading supplier of wholesale pet products and accessories to veterinary clinics, pet shops, boarding facilities, groomers, pet care professionals, and retailers in the pet-supply industry located in Johannesburg.

We offer dog, cat and other pet supplies to our professional partner network located in Johannesburg since 2006.

We ship pet products and accessories directly to your store, no matter how small or how large your dog supply, cat supply or pet supply needs are. Cosmic Pets is also able to offer drop ship services to the pet industry to ensure that your customer receives their product directly to their home or office.

We help our customers build their businesses by offering innovative, top-quality products while offering the best customer service in the business as well as fast, on-time delivery.

Pet Shops, dog groomers & veterinarians in Johannesburg have unique retail and consumable supply needs that can only be met by collaborating with an expert in the pet retail industry. Cosmic Pets brings you leading industry knowledge, lightning-fast fulfillment, great drop-ship options, and easy reordering.

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Groomers, kennels, veterinarians, breeders, and active pet enthusiasts in Johannesburg have access to our national-brand and exclusive products and our mission is to continue to find better ways to serve our customers, and more innovative ways to foster creativity in the industry.

Cosmic Pets is dedicated to support pet care professionals in Johannesburg to better serve their customers with the best quality pet carriers, dog travel crates, indoor kennels, folding collapsible carriers, show crates, dog beds, cat toys and odour neutralising hygiene products.

You’ll find everything you need for your successful pet based business in Johannesburg right here.

Find pet stores in Johannesburg that stock our products.

3 Essential Tips to Select Efficient Pet Stores


Studies show that nearly 40 percent of the hamsters bought at pet stores test positive for the deadly aseptic meningitis. So, if you are looking for a healthy pet for your home, don’t forget to first conduct a survey of the pet stores that offer a variety of animals, including pet mice, rabbits and guinea pigs. The Animal Welfare Act stipulates the accreditation standards that have to be maintained by pet stores to prevent the common yet deadly Zoonotic and enteric diseases associated with pets.

Apart from this, a reliable store should also display some other features. Here are the top 3 essential areas that you should look into before you make your final purchase.

Health-Savvy Pet Stores

If you don’t have a healthy animal to start with, you are likely to face repeated problems as your pet matures. In fact, there are also times when animals can be carriers of diseases that can infect humans. This is why you need to check whether the pet stores not only sell lively and healthy pets but also take care of the vaccinations and provide tips to ward-off a major health calamity. For instance, allergies, infections, or injuries can take a toll on your pet’s health and hygiene. Before visiting a veterinarian, you can seek help of a competent pet shop owner to gather information about the animal’s history of illnesses.

Take for instance a pet chinchilla. It does not require expensive treatment from a veterinarian on a regular basis if it has proper grooming and a spacious home. From fur treatment to cleaning and discipline, care givers at pet stores would be able to do a better job for a social animal like this.

Well Equipped Pet Stores

The better pet stores do not promote expensive pet items and toys but help owners to take good care of their pet. From blot urine to vomit removing solutions, pet shampoos, scissors, and combs, there are a lot of items needed for the care of a pet. A pet shop would:

  • Sell accessories, food stuff, toys, etc, to keep both the pet and the owner happy
  • Keep specialized tools that cater to a particular breed

For instance, the clipping scissors, shears, nail cutters and combs you choose for a dog will be very different from those needed for monkeys. And, a German Shepherd would need a special comb for proper grooming during fall, while a Pomeranian would require a soft brush for regular combing.

Pet Stores with Fitting Home for Pets

Good pet stores sell pets and the right homes for them. A newbie pet lover would probably not know the best way to keep his pet. However, an expert pet shop assistant would immediately provide tips on creating homes for pets and enabling them to bond with their owners.

For instance, if you are keen on owning a bird, ensure that the cage is big yet cozy enough to make your pet comfortable. Hunt for effective accessories needed to furnish your bird cage – from shrubs, to bird houses, perching twigs, and swings. If you have an aquarium full of exotic fish, ensure that the water, fish food, and under-water habitat are just right to keep your pet fish content and relaxed.

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