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Unboxing the RelaxoPet PRO for Horses

Unboxing the RelaxoPet PRO for Horses

Thank you Elizabeth Theron from Passion Equestrian for this step by step guide on how to use the The RelaxoPet PRO Animal Relaxation Trainer for horses. Unboxing The RelaxoPet PRO for Horses   Importance of Acclimatization session Acclimatization session Results...

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RelaxoPet – How does it work?

RelaxoPet – How does it work?

RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds is currently the strongest and most well-known method to change your pets' behaviour subliminally while helping them achieve deep levels of relaxation. RelaxoPet© Subliminal Sounds can literally reprogramme your pets' subconscious by...

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PULLER – Dog Fitness Tool

PULLER – Dog Fitness Tool

The PULLER dog fitness tool is so much more than a toy – it is a device that will change the way you and your dog experience training and play, forever!Each set (Micro, Mini, Midi, Standard) consists of two purple rings, and no, one is not a spare!Both rings should be...

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Cosmic Pets is a leading supplier of wholesale pet products and accessories to veterinary clinics, pet shops, boarding facilities, groomers, pet care professionals, and retailers in the pet-supply industry located in Midrand.


We offer dog, cat and other pet supplies to our professional partner network located in Midrand since 2006.

We ship pet products and accessories directly to your store, no matter how small or how large your dog supply, cat supply or pet supply needs are. Cosmic Pets is also able to offer drop ship services to the pet industry to ensure that your customer receives their product directly to their home or office.

We help our customers build their businesses by offering innovative, top-quality products while offering the best customer service in the business as well as fast, on-time delivery.

Pet Shops, dog groomers & veterinarians in Midrand have unique retail and consumable supply needs that can only be met by collaborating with an expert in the pet retail industry. Cosmic Pets brings you leading industry knowledge, lightning-fast fulfillment, great drop-ship options, and easy reordering.

Groomers, kennels, veterinarians & breeders

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Groomers, kennels, veterinarians, breeders, and active pet enthusiasts in Midrand have access to our national-brand and exclusive products and our mission is to continue to find better ways to serve our customers, and more innovative ways to foster creativity in the industry.

Cosmic Pets is dedicated to support pet care professionals in Midrand to better serve their customers with the best quality pet carriers, dog travel crates, indoor kennels, folding collapsible carriers, show crates, dog beds, cat toys and odour neutralising hygiene products.

You’ll find everything you need for your successful pet based business in Midrand right here.



Do Pet Shops Tell You Everything They Should?

People spend a lot of time researching their car purchase or their flat screen purchase. When what they want is a pet though, they look up the name of a breed they find attractive and go pick one up at the pet shops.

That’s not really fair.

People who get into buying a pet without putting in a great deal for research into what they are doing can often let themselves in for a great deal of emotional pain and untold expenses.

How, you ask? Pet shops are often known to breed their stocks very carelessly. Carelessly-bred pets commonly end up with cardiac problems, hip dysplasia, cancer – serious diseases. There are no a regulators who actually look closely at the kinds of breeding stock pet breeders use. They will frequently go and use animals to breed from that already have all the serious conditions. So what are you supposed to do?

You should probably head over to the Canine Health Information Center’s website. They list the kinds of disorders each breed of pet is known to fall victim to. All pet shops need to provide you with testing certificates that prove that the pets they are selling you do not have to the diseases those breeds are known to have. Better still, make sure that you go only to pet shops that exclusively work with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals – a nonprofit that shows breeders how to lower the occurrence of genetic diseases in the pets they sell.

In buying a pet, you never realize how much one can end up costing you in ownership costs. Certainly, you can read up on what it can cost you over the first year. Generally, it costs about $2000 a year for a large dog and about half that for a cat. That’s what the ASPCA says. In a time when people are surviving on inadequate healthcare for their families, is it really justifiable spending the thousands of dollars every year it can take to keep pets healthy after the first year? All it takes is a surprise illness, and you can consider yourself in deep, deep financial trouble. They don’t really tell you this, at the pet shops, when you go in to buy a pet. Veterinary hospitals and clinics have added all kinds of terribly expensive procedures to offer your pets. What about pet insurance, you ask?

There are about 1 million households in the US that have their pets’ health needs insured for. That is no real cause for any peace of mind though – any more than just buying any kind of health insurance would reassure you that your family was completely covered. Take your pet in to an animal care center, and you’re likely to give your pet a disease of some kind before his stay is through. Shelling out hundreds of dollars for obedience lessons for your dog? There are almost no pet trainers that are accredited by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. But they are still happy to charge you a full fee. And the same goes for pet walking and pet sitting services. Some are accredited by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, and some aren’t.

Pet shops should really educate their clients before they actually sell them what might turn out to be a lifelong problem.



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