Creating Aseptic Conditions in Your Animal Facility

For pet facilities, there are speciality cleaners and disinfectants that are designed to tackle specific germs and bacteria. Cosmic Pets offers problem specific solutions from Quadex™ and Biological Cleaning SA for every area to assist veterinary clinics, grooming parlours, boarding kennels and breeders across Africa to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation.

A cleaner does not disinfect, and a disinfectant does not clean?

Cleaning removes visible soil, dirt, stains, and other debris and is performed by wiping surfaces using soap, water or a multi-purpose cleaner. While some germs will be removed during this process, which can certainly be adequate for some areas, the all-purpose cleaner won’t get everything.  Disinfection destroys viruses, bacteria, germs, and other harmful microorganisms. It is accomplished by using a chemical designed specifically to kill bacteria. It is not designed to lift dirt off a surface, make it shiny, or leave a scent behind like an all-purpose cleaner would. It should be obvious here that just flushing with water does little to clean or disinfect.

The bottom line is this: always thoroughly clean before disinfecting – an unclean surface cannot be disinfected.

Quadex Disinfectants and Sterilants


Cleans, Sanitises and Medium Level Disinfects in One.

SABS ACT 29 GNR529/242566/060/852

Eliminates all residues where natural oils, grease and petroleum jelly can be problematic.


  • Contains the anti-microbial agent Quadex® and a balanced range of detergents, sequestering agents, alkalis and grease cutters to eliminate pathogenic microbes responsible for the spread of disease.

Size: 1 Litre Trigger Spray / 5 Litre Bulk

PolyMacro™ Fabric

Removes natural and synthetic oils, grease, petroleum jelly and a wide range of soils from fabrics including blankets, cloths, towels and sponges.


  • Pre-soak in cold water for 30 minutes prior to washing.
  • Removes a wide range of soils.
  • Contains mild alkalis.
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-staining.
  • Economical to use.

Size: 1L Easy Dose Bottle / 5 Litre Bulk


Powerful Biodegradable Organic Degreaser

User-friendly, biodegradable, water based,  heavy duty organic degreaser for tough jobs. Designed to clean in- and outdoor areas of heavy grease build up.

  • Remove general dirt, grime, stains, fats, tar, inks and waxes.
  • Contains additive surfactants to quickly remove oil and grease.
  • Use on any water safe surface.
  • Food safe formula makes it suitable for food processing areas and industrial kitchens.

Size: 1L – Easy Dose Bottle / 5 Litre

Bacterinil® – Hard Surface Disinfectant

SABS ACT 29 GNR529/242566/060/852

Residual action, non-toxic disinfectant for neutralising pathogens on all hard surfaces during day-to-day activities.


  • Broad spectrum, biodegradable, ready-to-use general disinfectant.
  • To clean: spray on and leave to dry.
  • No rinsing or wiping required.
  • Use in waiting areas, holding cages, kennels, examination tables, work surfaces, floors, walls etc.
  • Removes organic / in-organic odours without staining.
  • pH neutral, no aldehydes, phenol or chlorine, non-carcinogenic non-caustic , non-corrosive, non-irritating.

Size: 1 Litre Spray Bottle / 5 Litre Bulk

Biguamine™ Wound Wash (Ready-to-use)

A Biguanide/Amine mixture and non-prescription antiseptic liquid solution for wound care and first aid treatments in veterinary clinics, animal boarding facilities or grooming parlours.


  • Will not burn or sting when applied
  • Efficient cleaning of physically contaminated wounds, grazes, cuts, stings and burns.
  • Gently wash dirt and grime from cuts and grazes, cool and disinfect stings and burns.
  • Protects against infection by cleaning and killing harmful microbes without touching or aggravating the sore, broken skin or wound.

Size: 250ml Spray Bottle / 1 Litre Trigger Spray Bottle / 5 Litre Bulk

EcoHand™ Liquid Sanitising Hand Wash

Economical and highly effective disinfecting hand soap for the veterinary and professional pet care markets.


  • Kills germs and cleans away grime or dirt.
  • Non-irritant, biodegradable and  environmentally friendly.
  • Developed for daily use where sanitising and regular hand washing is required.
  • Free of harsh compounds found in liquid soaps that damage skin with frequent washing. EcoHand™ will keep skin nourished and soft, despite regular use.

Size: 250ml Pump / 500ml Pump /       1 Litre Pump Bottle / 5 Litre Bulk

Sterigel® – Waterless, Hand Sanitiser

SABS ACT 29 GNR529/242566/060/852

Don’t let your hands take a beating when washing repeatedly with harsh soap – protect them with Sterigel.


  • Waterless wash with hand softener.
  • Non-greasy, non-sticky, non-irritating skin care forms a silicone barrier on the skin surface to protect from disease.
  • Contains Quadex® that kills 99.99% of most disease-causing microbes.
  • Where water is unavailable, safeguards against bacteria when handling patients & pets.
  • Spread around the hands in a washing action until dry, disinfects within 5 seconds

Size: 250ml Pump / 500ml Pump
1L Pump Bottle / 5 Litre Bulk

Instrument Pre-Cleaner™ Concentrate

For deep cleaning and conditioning of surgical instruments prior to sterilisation. Contains Quadex® and is a unique formulation of disinfectant, detergents, non-ionic Neutral pH surfactants, sequestering agents, and corrosion inhibitors.


  • Quickly breaks down and removes the most stubborn organic encrustation and bio-burden including blood, fat, carbohydrates, starches, and protein.
  • Cleans, disinfects and conditions the surface of instruments, removes stains and prevents staining, pitting and corrosion of surgical instruments.

5 Litre Bulk

Cold Sterilant

SABS ACT 29 GNR529/242566/060/852

For the safe, cold sterilisation / disinfecting of veterinary surgical instruments, medical & heat sensitive equipment.


  • SAFE: Biodegradable, pH Neutral. Contains no Aldehydes, Phenol or Chlorine. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-carcinogenic non-irritant, non-staining.
  • QUICK: Sterilises in 30 minutes and disinfects in 5 minutes with a residual activity that keeps on killing microbes.
  • EASY: Ready to use, no fuss, no smell and no need to rinse.
  • ECONOMICAL: Replace only every 30 days after light to moderate use.

Size: 1 Litre Bottle / 5 Litre – Bulk

Disinfecting Suction Cleaner™ Concentrate

Rapidly clean, disinfect and deodorise surgical evacuation systems.


  • Breaks down, dissolve bacteria- laden solid debris incl. coagulated blood, saliva, and prophy paste or impression materials.
  • Clinically proven to clean lines and discourage build-up.
  • Regular use keeps tubing, piping and pumps free-flowing, and will keep lines running free and clear at maximum suction.
  • Protects evacuation systems and helps to extend life.
  • Safe and gentle on all plastic piping at correct user dilution.
  • Eliminates odours and has a fresh lavender fragrance.

Size: 1L – Easy Dose Bottle

Cleansing Wipes – All-purpose Medium Level Disinfectant Wipes

SABS ACT 29 GNR529/242566/060/852

For neutralising pathogens on all surfaces, incl. examination tables, work surfaces, countertops, trolleys, food and water bowls and safe for use as hand wipes.


  • Kills 9% bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew & algae. pH neutral.
  • Does not contain any known Carcinogenic Agents.
  • Biodegradable – wipes can be disposed of in regular landfills without harm to the environment.

Size: Single sheets pack of 100 / Bucket of 750 wipes

High Level Disinfecting Wipes

SABS ACT 29 GNR529/242566/060/852

Saturated with Quadex® the active ingredient in the range of high level disinfectants. Disinfecting Wipes are safe, flexible and economical to use.

  • Use in animal facilities including veterinary clinics, pathology areas, surgeries, isolation areas, kennels, grooming parlours.
  • Surface disinfection of high-risk areas: laboratory equipment, examination tables, glass, metal, fabrics, plastic, rubber as well as medical machines (Ultrasound, X-Ray) & breathing apparatuses.
  • Disinfect incubators, transducers, probes, centrifuges, pipettes or other sealed devices.

Size: Tubs (150)  / Buckets (750)

DeWax™ – Natural Citrus Solvent, Removes Wax and Glue

A highly concentrated, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, naturally formulated solvent that is safe to use to clean tough stains caused by wax, glue, grease, grime and dirt on all surfaces without leaving residue.


  • Natural citrus-flavoured, ready-to-use, highly cost-effective.
  • D-limonene, the active ingredient, is derived from orange peels, a renewable resources. It is tough on grease, grime and dirt, and leaves your practice, parlour, kennel or shop smelling citrus-fresh!
  • Removes: Wax,  window decal glue, insects, tar, asphalt, scuff marks from vinyl, chewing gum, inks and pen marks on fabric, soap scum, adhesive residues and most oils.

Size: 250ml  / 500ml / 1 Litre Bottle

Quadex Burst Foggers


The disinfecting of veterinary practices, grooming parlours, offices, and any closed location or surface is a never-ending task.

The constant flow of people, products, pets and continuous air circulation bring in a new population of microbes that may cause many different diseases.

Microbes vary greatly in size, cell wall structure and ability to withstand adverse living conditions. Some have cell walls of thick protein or fat, others are covered in wax, starch, or thick mucus. Many, when exposed to extreme heat, cold or dryness form cysts that spring back to life when conditions become favourable.

Non-toxic fogging is the answer for high-risk areas where normal cleaning and disinfecting procedures are ineffective and microbes could cause problems.  To prevent microbes multiplying and getting out of hand, fogging disinfects even hard-to-get-to areas, every nook and cranny, from ceiling to floor.

High level disinfecting foggers will kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, mildew, mould, algae and spores. It also eliminates organic and inorganic odours, and is harmless to humans (SABS food grade approved). Anti-microbial misting involves use of STERIFOG® in an aerosol micron diffuser to create a dry mist that permeates an entire small room facility up to 50 cubic meters. It is a form of germicidal shock treatment that bonds to virtually everything – killing 99.9% of all microbes that cause illness and odours.

Professional use: Sterifog® Burst Fogger is the ideal treatment where high level disinfecting is needed and to eliminate intense odours in:
*Veterinary Clinics     * Examination Rooms     *Surgical Theatres     *Isolation Areas     *Kennels     *Grooming Parlours

Sterifog® Burst Fogger – High Level Disinfecting Fogger


SABS ACT 5 GNR529/242566/140/0847


How does it work? The product is applied with an atomising effect causing the particle size to be so small that it penetrates the hard to reach and touch surfaces. With this vaporising of liquid a fine mist is suspended in the air and on surfaces which leaves all contact areas slightly moist for about 10 minutes.

Size: 500ml cans (Plain or Vanilla)


Sterifog® Two-Step Process – High Level Disinfecting Fogger and Spray


SABS ACT 5 GNR529/242566/140/0847


How does it work? 

STEP 1 (Monthly Shock Treatment) Use Sterifog® Disinfectant Fogger to treat EXPOSED areas e.g. – waiting rooms, consultation or examination rooms, isolation areas, kennels, transport vehicle holding areas.

STEP 2 :Use Sterifog® Disinfectant Spray to treat UNEXPOSED (hidden) areas e.g. under tables, waste bins, door handles, under desks, on cat litter boxes, air-conditioning vents, pet transport van interiors etc.


Size: 350ml Cans (Plain or Vanilla)


Sterifog® Three-Step Process – High Level Disinfecting Fogger and Spray


SABS ACT 5 GNR529/242566/140/0847


How does it work?

STEP 1 (Monthly Shock Treatment) Use Sterifog® Disinfectant Fogger to treat EXPOSED areas e.g. – waiting rooms, consultation rooms, isolation areas, kennels, grooming parlours, small offices etc.


STEP 2: Use Sterifog® Disinfectant Spray to treat UNEXPOSED (Hidden) areas e.g. – tables, waste bins, door handles, under desks, dustbins on cat litter boxes, air-conditioning vents, pet transport van interiors etc. Can also be used as an odour neutraliser and disinfectant spray.


STEP 3: Use Sterifog® Disinfectant Room Spray to treat small room environments continuously throughout the month to ensure daily disinfecting and odour neutralising of heavy traffic areas and confined areas susceptible to the spread of disease e.g. – consultation rooms, kennels isolation areas, waiting rooms, reception areas, animal transport vehicle interiors.


Size: 100ml, 250ml – Metered Dose Cans / 350ml cans (Plain or Vanilla)


SteriScent™ Medium Level Disinfecting Metered Dose Can

SABS ACT 5 GNR529/242566/140/0847

5 in 1 Bactericidal | Fungicidal | Virucidal | Deodoriser | Anti Allergenic

SteriScent™ (containing STERIFOG®) is harmless to humans but deadly to microbes. Eliminates and removes, not mask, organic and all inorganic odours by killing the germs that cause the odours and encapsulating the molecules creating odours.

SteriScent™ has been developed to create clean air for the benefit of the consumer and the removal of harmful irritants and toxins present in indoor atmospheres.

Where can SteriScent™ be used?

Being safe to use where people congregate and animals are present, SteriScent™ is the perfect scented disinfectant for use in veterinary practices, grooming parlours, pet stores, kennels, operating theatres, animal clinics, isolation areas, breeding areas and receptions.

Size: 100ml Metered dose cans
Fragrances: Sunshine, Male and Female)