The cutest, funniest, fuzziest pet moments

Pet crates is a safe heaven for pups recovering from surgery.

Puppy Caleb, Chase the BC and Nav-ah are are thrilled that mom Candice Segal won the Cosmic Pets Competition.

A girl’s favourite accessory is a pink Cosmic collapsible crate!

A soft crate makes traveling with your dog so much easier!

Ash, seems pleased with the turquoise and black combination.

Ribbons for days! Congratulations Skylar!

Smudge enjoying the condo of the Kitty Comet cat tree
Wolfie doing In-house testing at Cosmic Pets
The basket is the perfect place to dream the day away…
Cosmic Pets at the World of Dogs and Cats 2016 show
Feeding the Furballs taking rescue kittens for a vet check-up.
Collapsible Carriers – Not only for pets!
Delighted dachshund with his new carrier!
Photo credit: Sharon Malherbe from LaGratitude Bullmastiffs
Three peas in a pod
Sophia Loren, pretty in pink


Mijoy Yorkies
Jerromi – beautiful Cream Smoke Bicolour from Casiphia Maine Coon Cats.
Photo credit: Maine Coon Cats
Thank you Chris Greene for the precious photo of your daughter and new Burmese kitten from Mela Cattery ( We wish you many happy years of companionship!
Keep young pups out of trouble with a Pet Pen.
Caramel and Beanie enjoying some time in the garden
Jamie, orphaned lamb
With top, side and front access, loading your pet in a carrier is 3 times as easy!
Taking it easy at the Cat Show!
“Peek a boo!” – Casiphia Maine Coon Cats
“Did you say VET????” At least Shakespeare and Xara are traveling in comfort in their Cosmic Carrier.” These beautiful kitties come from Cherylee Sue Powell at Artekatz Siberians. Photo credit: Yumna Laher
Panda checking on baby Alfie who is napping in the carrier, so cute  #frenchbulldog #puppy РPhoto credit: The Puppy Palace- doggy daycare and spa.
It is a full house with Twix, Putchie and Mimi enjoying their new Cosmic Pets “Neptune” Cat Tree. Photo credit: Siobhan Ralston
Show cats prefer Cosmic Pets Crates Montclare Dolls getting ready to strut their stuff… Keep an eye out for this cattery of pedigreed Ragdolls. Photo credit: Zahraa Lorgat
WODAC Show cats prefer Cosmic Crates – comfortable, stylish and big enough for two! Photo credit: Taryn Vlok
The life of a pampered pup! Photo credit: Taryn Vlok
Bullmastiff puppy happily asleep in a Cosmic Pets Soft Crate.
No pet friendly workplace is complete without a Cosmic Pets carrier for you pups! For everything “Yorkie” visit:
Find the 2017 Cat Show Calendar here:
Photo credit: Taryn Vlok
Congratulations Ariel on winning first place in both categories for cats that need special care at the Cat Fanciers Club Show over the past weekend! Thank you Aj Visser for sharing.
Holly LOVES her soft crate, which is also being used as an indoor kennel! Photo credit: Karlene Treurnicht.
Then and now: These two brothers just adore each other and love to cuddle on their Cosmic Pets cat tree. Thanks Charlene for sharing!
SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary releasing a beautiful python back into the wild! Visit to see all the great work Louise Joubert and her team are up to!
Stylish for pets and owners on the go! With sizes ranging from X-Small to 5XL there is a crate for you, and your pet
Ariel won first place in both categories for cats that need special care at the Cat Fanciers Club Show on 25 March 2017. She has claimed her “bed”. No one is allowed close to it ? The queen rules the house
Ariel, first place winner for cats that need special care at the BRS (Breeders of Rex and Sphinx) show sharing her prize with her siblings! Thank you Aj Visser for this beautiful photo!

A Cosmic Pets soft crate keeps puppies safe and contained during those vulnerable first weeks. For information on these Dainty Pomeranians, visit


Cats just love curling up in enclosed spaces, which makes them feel safe and secure!
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