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Tug of war is the best interactive game to play with your pup!


Dog Toys Tug Toys Interactive Dog Toys Strong Dog toysMy dog and I just love playing tug of war. It is so much fun and a fantastic workout and both physically and mentally stimulating for the dog.

The range Monkey RopeTugz from Zippy Paws adds new excitement to the game!

Not only beautifully designed it is also extra-tough made from climbing-rope to withstand the sharpest teeth and hours of tugging and play. The tug toy is designed to be extremely durable and has been tested to withstand over 500 kgs of weight. The strength comes from a single piece of climbing rope which runs through the entire product. A round squeaker in the monkey body adds excitement!

This is the must-have dog tug tog for medium and large dogs or multi-dog household. Interactive play with your dog will never be the same!


Perfect for interactive play between dog and owner or between multiple dogs!

There are also some interesting benefits of playing tug of war with your dog

  • It can be an intense game and vigorous exercise for you and your dog. Be animated, dance around and increase the fun!
  • Not only is it a physical activity it also mentally stimulates your dog
  • Games of tug increase your dog’s confidence, especially if you let them win now and again
  • It fosters a closer bond between you and your pet
  • Help improve your dog’s impulse control by practicing basic obedience such as sit, wait, take it and give commands.
  •  A game of tug can be used to reward good behaviour.
  • Can successful redirect destructive chewing.

If you want to add some fun and excitement to your dog’s routine grab a Zippy Paw Monkey RopeTug. Ready to buy from an online pet store – contact us and we will send you a list of online Monkey RopeTugz stockists.

Doggies love playing interactive games with us and tug is a fantastic way to build a closer bond. So what are you waiting for? Grab some Monkey RopeTugz and have fun!

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