Pet steps and doggy ramps give easy access to and from the car, coaches or high beds, while reducing stress on joints from jumping.

Dog ramps and pet stairs can be many things depending on your dog’s unique needs. Use ramps to ease aches and pains from arthritis or to reduce the risk of re-injury while your dog is recuperating from surgery. Ramps can also be used as a training aid– how to walk or turn around on a raised, secured surface, or when teaching dog rear end awareness exercises – which is vital when participating in agility or obedience.

Dog Ramps

  • Attractive & affordable
  • High traction walking surface
  • Super lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Portable and compact
  • Material: Plastic

Folded Plastic Pet Ramp Specifications

Ideal for small, medium or large dogs, supports weight up to 80kg

Ramp                   Extended Size: 157 x 40cm
                              Folded 80 x 40cm
                              Unit weight: 4.6kg


Single Ramp

Place against the bed and couch and your small, elderly or sick pet can easily climb up the ramp to cuddle with you.

Ideal for small dogs, this ramp can be used indoors and outdoors, and features a nonslip coating and side safety rails. Made from durable plastic, the ramp is lightweight and portable as well as weather, UV, and skid resistant.

Ideal for small, medium or large dogs, supports weight up to 80kg

It measures 103 x 35 x 14cm
Unit weight: 2.6kg

Pet Stairs

pet stairs

Help small, elderly or injured pets reach their favourite places. Super lightweight at only 2.6kg, the unique construction of these stairs supports over 30kg. There is no assembly required, and can fold down for easy storage. Safety side rails are built into the design so your pet can climb up and down with confidence. Perfect size for couches or beds and stairs can also be used for pets needing help into vehicles.

Note: Although they are super-strong, the stairs are recommended for small- to medium-sized pets, due to the size of the stair treads.



  • Overall Height: 48cm           Overall Width: 38cm            Overall Depth: 58cm
  • Tread Height: 12cm              Tread Width: 31cm              Tread Depth: 14cm