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For the pet owner who likes to travel and enjoys the outdoors, a soft-sided carrier like the Cosmic Pet Carrier is an almost essential piece of equipment. Mr Miyagee enjoys playtime and travelling in his carrier. Collapsible dog crates like the Cosmic Pet Carrier are the best way to save space and provide a comfortable and cozy enclosure for your canines/Felines and even if you just need a carrying case for your small dog you’ll be thrilled with the light weight and slim profile of this wonderful product. The Cosmic Pet carrier also provides a safe space for pets in times of illness or during travel in the car.

Mr Miyagee deserves the best, and these highly portable Cosmic crates are the way to go if you’re on the move a lot like us. Save space and provide a great environment for your dogs, with affordable pricing and stylish features there’s no reason for any dog or kitty owner on the move to not make the investment in one of these great soft dog crates from Cosmic Pets.

–     Lindi Pieterse


Cosmic Pets Dog Crate

It is easier to ask my things I DON’T love about the Cosmic Pets Collapsible crates!

I love EVERYTHING about them! Lightweight, easy to erect and collapse and travels wonderfully packed up, a breeze to clean, plenty of pockets for ‘stuff’ when using the crate for travel or training and the multiple, pin-up doors for ease of access for the occupant (and owner ?). And too boot they are super sturdy and well made.

Though my all time favorite thing about this crate is Triss has decided it’s the best thing ever and now chooses his crate to sleep in instead of my bed ? so more space for me!

  –       Ashlee Anne Murphy

Collapsible cat carrierWe use our regular size Cosmic Pet carriers every day, either as beds to lie in or lie on, to go to the vet in (with matching blankies), have physio in, or on. I leave 2 left out for emergencies all the time which the cats love to sleep in. The bigger crate is used to keep tiny foster babies safe and has more than enough space for them. They’re easy to assemble and fold away and easy to wash. Lovely colours (as you can see we love the pink). Worth every penny, we love our Cosmic Pet Carriers!

–     Jenni Ferreira

Cosmic Pets Pet Carrier

Love my carrier because my 5 rubber-feet Marmoset babies can go with us everywhere, knowing that they are safe and secure in their carrier!

–      Belinda Du Toit

best small dog carrier

Recently borrowed a friend’s Cosmic Pets carrier to travel with Kolya, Squeeshy and Zues. What an amazing pleasure! They were safe and loved the cozy naps!!
Would love one of our own! Its really spectacular!!

–     Erica De Witt

Cosmic Pets Kittening pen, whelping box

All my mommies give birth in the Cosmic Pets crates and spend the first few weeks in there with babas till we move them to the Cosmic Pets Playpen.

–     Anne-Louise Bredenkamp


Cosmic Pets Cat Show Cage Cat Carrier

 Another great weekend in a Cosmic Pets show cage!

–      Anne-Louise Bredenkamp

 Perfect for cat shows as they are easy to pack away and travel with, the collapse flat and do not take take up much space. Also, and ideal safe zone for Mommy cats and kittens.

–      Aimée Hendriksz

Cosmic Pets Pet Carrier Dog Crate

 We love Cosmic Pet fold up carriers because they are so diverse! We used our carrier for Nav-ah (pictured behind) to travel in the airport leaving South Africa for Germany! Now we need a new carrier to fit Caleb (in the carrier), as he is a growing puppy!

–     Candice Segal


Cosmic Pets Cat carrier, pet carrier

Me and Silas, love the crates because they fold away so easy. Plus I can get into it with the cats to comfort them.

–      Farrah Khan Maharajh

Best cat carrier








Look how chilled Nat is in his Cosmic Pets cat carrier!

–     Simone Masters



Cosmic Pets Playpen

Love the Cosmic Pets playpen for raising litters, keeping kittens safe till they are a bit bigger.

–     Anne-Louise Bredenkamp


Cosmic Pets Cat Carrier, Kittening Box

 A Cosmic Pets Crate is the perfect place for mommy cats to raise their babies and it gets kittens used to being in the crates especially when you are traveling with the litter to the vet 🙂

–      Aimée Hendriksz

Cosmic Pets Cat Show Cage, Pet Crate

Great show cages as they are strong but also easy to fold up and carry around ?

–      Anne-Louise Bredenkamp

Best cat carrier Cosmic Pets

The King and Queen of Siam in their favorite spot, their throne?, watching their whole garden! Comfortable, spacious, convenient, easy to clean, and look how Fabulous these two look in their Cosmic Pet Carrier?

–    Debbie Hong

Light weight, quick and easy to set up and easy to clean!

–     Joan Whittingham

Dog carrier Dog crate

KC and Murphy have plenty of room to lie down in the crate.

–     Jennifer Chick

dog crate pet carrier

Milly loves her safe place in her pink cosmic crate. ?

–    Jennifer Chick

Mom loves Cosmic Pets Crates cause they are light to travel and easy to set up. Storm loves them even more, cause for a show dog Cosmic Pets Crates is a nice place to chill next to the show ring. And PINK suits her so well!

–     Juanita Van Heerden

Cosmic Pets Cat Carrier Cat Show Cage

Me and my Bae, Ragnar, in one of his two Cosmic Pets cages! We were just having a pawty inside and I love that I can hang out with him in it, to overcome any anxiety or stress that he first had about being in a carrier! Amazing products! His sister Frigg has the pink one you see in the background

–     Larissa Bhagwandin

Best Cat Carrier

We love our collapsible collection of carriers.
From show cages, to nursing baby cat cages, to quick vet trips.
We would be lost without our cosmic crates!

–    Taryn Vlok

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