Local manufacturing to increase flexibility and guard against Rand fluctuations

Johannesburg – March 9, 2016 – Cosmic Pets, a leading provider of pet products and accessories, and Ancass, a prominent South African pet product manufacturer, today announced a new strategic partnership. The joint venture will combine Cosmic Pets’ market expertise and extensive distribution network with Ancass’ leading manufacturing capabilities to deliver locally produced products of exceptional quality to an increasingly sophisticated marketplace. The partnership will provide customers with a comprehensive, proudly South African product offering including cat scratching posts, dog kennels, pet beds, rabbit breeding cages and monkey play stands.

“We are proud to partner with Ancass,” said Stefanie Bosman, Managing Director for Cosmic Pets. “This venture is a perfect fit for the pet industry and will complement our existing range of collapsible pet carriers, crates and pet pens. We will also be able to leverage local manufacturing talent and unlike imported products, be in a better position to withstand currency fluctuations.”

In South Africa pet ownership is on the rise with a reported 9.1 million dogs and 2.4 million cats residing in households. This growth can be contributed to empty-nesters, single professionals and couples who delay having children but lavish their love and affection on pets. Pet owners are also increasingly treating their pets like full members of their family.

At a time when most are talking about an economic downturn, the pet industry is experiencing exceptional growth. The future is looking bright for the Pet Care industry and Euromonitor International estimates that by 2017, the value of the South African pet care market will reach US $744 million, on the back of an average annual growth rate of 8%. Despite an embattled economy, the local pet care market has proven extremely resilient!

“The joint venture of Ancass and Cosmic Pets is extremely valuable as it maximises service and support efficiencies,” said Cassandra Swanepoel, Owner of Ancass. “Through the combination of our expertise, infrastructure and design capabilities we are able to offer proudly South African products to a wider market.”

About Cosmic Pets™

The Cosmic Pets™ brand has captured the imagination of South African consumers since 2006 and prides itself on products that are pet approved and people friendly. With a wide range of products including industry leading cat trees, carriers and pet pens, our products add excitement and happiness to pets’ lives, as well as positively impacting the lives of the humans who love them. For more information contact, info@cosmicpets.co.za or visit www.cosmicpets.co.za

About Ancass

Ancass, is a professional manufacturer of pet products in South Africa. Established in 2014, we are specialized in cat scratching posts, dog beds, monkey play stands and bird stands, gaining rich experience from development in design, production and trading. For more information contact, info@ancass.co.za or visit www.ancass.co.za