The best pet playpens for puppies and dogs

The range of collapsible pet playpens from Cosmic Pets are lightweight, easy to assemble and fold flat – it is probably the best playpens for pet owners.

Pet PlaypenIf you own a puppy, dog or small pet with tendency to get into trouble, a pet playpen may be the answer. A pet playpen offers the same peace of mind as a playpen for toddlers – allowing your pet to feel part of your family while staying out of harm’s way.

Playpens are portable areas that restrict access but still allow pooches or other small animals enough space to play, and you can feel at ease when you leave him alone during playtime.

The playpen from Cosmic Pets looks a little like a camping tent because it is made of a water-resistant material and has mesh sections that keep the playpen from seeming too enclosed.

This playpen is circular, making it suitable for any size dog. Because of its light material, the playpen is extremely portable. It folds flat and comes with a free carrying case.

A playpen offers an optimal space for dogs or other pets to play safely, and it offers a great way to contain not only a young puppy but other small critters such as bunnies and rodents.

When To Use a Pet Playpen

If your puppy is still very small and teething, a dog playpen can be a lifesaver. These pens will offer your pup a confined space to play without getting into trouble or chewing while unsupervised if you need to do chores around the home.

Pens are very handy when you need to keep your puppy or dog separate when entertaining guests, when you have children visiting or to keep new additions separate from other pets.

Playpens can be used in a similar fashion as crates, making it an alternative for dogs who are not particularly fond of crates. Remember that because playpens offer more space and freedom, playpens cannot be used for crate training dogs. Crate training is based on a dog’s instinct to not soil in the same area where he eats and sleeps.

Outdoor dog playpens may also be quite useful for dog owners who travel with their pets and need to keep them confined especially when there is no fenced section.

What to consider when buying a Pet Pen

It is important to consider the size of your pet when buying a playpen – there should be enough room to comfortably move around and be active and enough room to include a dog’s food and water bowls, a few toys, and a comfortable dog bed. A playpen is different from a crate and should be bigger, roomier, and more enjoyable for your pup.

Playpens designed for indoor or outdoor use and are like a dog run, even though smaller – should your pup be an escape artist choose a pet pen that can be covered. Pens made from canvas or that are soft-sided are easy to fold, transport and store.

Playpen or Crate?

When a dog show a dislike for a crate, a pet pen can be used as an alternative. There are advantages and disadvantages when considering a pet playpen instead of a crate.

Playpens offers your pooch more room and freedom than a crate and will not be suitable for crate training. If you are planning to house-train your puppy using puppy pads however a dog playpen may be a good place to keep your puppy along with some puppy pads.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • If your dog is a chewer a pet pen made from canvas or fabric might be destined for destruction.
  • Large dogs might be able to jump out of pet pens and a crate might be a more suitable option
  • If your pup likes to climb, look for a pet pen that includes a cover.

Where To Use Pet Playpens

Tips for Using Indoor use:

Indoor playpens are used to contain your pet when you need to do household errands and want your fur kid safely secured.

If your dog is very energetic and manages to move the playpen around the, you can place some heavy objects around its exterior perimeter so to help keep it in place.

Pens that includes a removable base will help from pet accidents lading on your carpet, or you can also add some absorbent padding to protect floors.

Note: Pet pens should be used as a temporary solution and is not a substitute for walks, exercise or play time.

Tips for Outdoor Useoutdoor playpen

Outdoor playpens are a great solution for when you want to work in the yard without worrying about your dog digging or getting your cat getting out.

Place the outdoor playpen in the shade or out of direct sunlight as there could be a risk of overheating. Have fresh water available inside the pen and look for playpens that include a mesh cover to offer addition comfort on a warm, sunny day. Dry food may be preferable to canned as the latter tends to dry out quickly and spoil. However, expect critters to show up if your pet does not eat its kibble right away.

Pop-up pens usually include metal pins to secure the playpen to the ground – this will prevent the outdoor pen from moving or sliding around when you pup romps or jump around.

Benefits of Dog Playpens

  • They are easy to set up both indoors and outdoors
  • Handy carry bag is included for transport or compact storage
  • Your pet will have a safe area to play in and they will not be getting into trouble
  • They provide a private space for your dog
  • Your dog will be able to see everything and everybody so they will not feel alone
  • Dog pens can be easily folded up and transported elsewhere or put in storage
  • They’re great for traveling, camping, or simply giving your dog a safe place to sleep at night

Where To Buy Pet Playpens

Cosmic Pets is a wholesale distribution pet accessories company and exclusively supply pet shops, vet clinics and pet care professionals such as groomers, pet sitters, boarding kennels and breeders across South Africa.

Our range of portable pet playpens are available through our extensive partner network across South Africa, ensuring that you get the best service and advice on selecting the proper size playpen for your pet.

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