Adventure gear to keep your dog cool and safe

Dogs make for the best travel companions – their passion for outdoor activities is contagious. Stock up on the best outdoor gear and dog accessories to keep your pup cool and visible while you explore new sights, sounds and smells during your next adventure.

Dog Vests

Dog Cooling & Safety Vests

ZippyPaws Vest is highly-visible and reflective, designed for the active dog. The bright blue or orange vests that includes reflective stripes will keep dogs visible during night-time walks, low-light conditions and hunting trips. To fight heat stress in hot environments, the vest includes long-lasting cooling polymer crystals, which are sewn directly into the vest. These absorb water and slowly evaporate to help keep dogs cool for hours. To utilise the cooling feature – soak in water for 3-5 minutes before use or for maximum cooling, soak in ice water before use. Squeeze out excess water. How does it work? The cooling feature is based on evaporative cooling – make sure you take plenty of water and keep the vest wet throughout your adventure for best cooling results!

Sizing Chart

Available in 3 Sizes Small: Dogs with girth 40-60 cm Medium: Dogs with girth 58cm – 80cm Large: Dogs with girth 76 – 101cm

How to measure: Start the girth measurement 3 – 5cm behind the dog’s front legs. Measure the circumference of your dog’s rib cage.