A bored pup can be destructive dog when left to their own devices. An innovative interactive dog toy could keep your dog busy, develop problem solving skills and keep them entertained. Mental stimulation for your pup decreases unwanted behaviour and will reduce the likelihood of your dog destroying household items or digging up the garden.

Pet owners have realized the benefits of offering a variety of dog toys and pet accessories to their pups. Toys that focus on dogs’ natural instinct offers a great outlet for pent-up energy. This makes the  ZippyPaws Burrows interactive dog puzzle toys so popular with dogs and owners alike.

The Zippy Burrows include four items in a set – a large “burrow” and three squeaky toy critters. The small toys are hidden inside the main plush toy and your dog can then use their nose, teeth, and paws to search and pull the small toys free. The holes on the main plush of the interactive dog toy the is smaller than the small toy inserts which makes extraction a fun game. These toys will challenge any pup and promote problem solving skills. For additional enrichment, roll some kibble in paper and add to the borrow. Your dog will follow the scent and bury their nose in the burrow to find the treats.

If you are looking for a challenging and enjoyable dog puzzle toy, look no further that the ZippyPaws range of interactive dog toys. Great as a puppy toy, and for all breeds of any age.

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