Pet lovers are increasingly treating their furry companions like fully-fledged family members. If you feel more excited to share the adventures of other species that you have welcomed into our home, instead of stories about blood relatives, don’t be concerned – you are not alone.

In South Africa pet ownership is on the increase, with a reported 9.1 million dogs and 2.4 million cats residing in households, as reported by Euromonitor International. This growth can be contributed to empty-nesters, single professionals, and couples who delay having children but lavish their love and affection on pets.

An emerging consumer trend of “pet parents,” people who think of and treat their pets like children, have also been identified by researchers. As a beloved family member, it is only natural to include pets in holiday traditions and this extends to unwrapping presents over the festive season!

If international trends are anything to go by, local consumers will be taking the time fill and hang a special Christmas stocking for their four-legged family members. A recent Lorraine Lea survey into the Christmas gift giving habits of Australians revealed that Aussies are more likely to buy their pet a gift this festive season, compared with giving something to an office co-worker. In the UK, research done by Pets at Home found that 2 in 3 Brits will spend their hard earned cash on pets this Christmas, with many pet owners spending over £50.

With more variety than ever, there are a number of unique holiday gifts ideas for pets available at your nearest pet shop. The added bonus of buying a present for your pet is knowing that no re-gifting will take place! Holiday gifts for pets are perfect to provide your loving companions with the necessities they need to ensure their safety, comfort and provide entertainment, all year long.

Toys are always very popular for human children and fur kids during the holidays. This festive season choose the best for your pet – when selecting toys consider those that are durable, safe and made from eco-friendly and organic materials.

For felines, invest in a tiered cat tree with a cosy condo. Cats share a strong instinct to hide and climb – a high platform will make them feel safe and offer an eye on their environment with greater confidence. Fun for the whole family, watch and enjoy as your kitties race up a ladder or number of posts, play hide-and-seek in the condo or relax after hours of play on a comfy cradle. Your cats will love to play, lounge and sleep all day long, saving your furniture, for another year, from unseemly wear and tear.

For K9’s: With a wide range of stylish and creative pet beds available, it’s no wonder that these are top of the list of hot holiday gifts for pets. Consider a pet carrier that can also double as a dog bed. Available in a range of styles, colours and sizes, the benefit of using the carrier as a bed is that your pooch will be more comfortable, and safe when taking trips in the car.

If you are searching for a meaningful gift for your pet, invest in a product that will not only offer joy and excitement on the day but will continue to keep pets entertained, safe and comfortable all year round.

About the Author
Stefanie Bosman is passionate about improving the quality of life of pets, and the humans that love them – one fur kid at a time! She is the owner of Cosmic Pets™, offering a wide range of products that are pet approved and people friendly. For more information visit or contact